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teen wolf s4, gossip girl s3


that one allydia idea i had

crying over:
bisexual dean winchester
there is nothing more important to me than the happiness of dean winchester

bucky is the love of my life but clint barton is my soulmate

all i want is for allison to be alive and happy

i blame these two for everything that has gone wrong in my life

james and lily were my first loves

i ship a lot of things, but the most important are dean/cas, sam/dean, steve/bucky and allison/lydia


A network for two girls and their stupid, undeniable love for each other

R U L E S  A N D  R E Q U I R E M E N T S
  • follow this dork (its me, i’m the dork)
  • reblog this post (likes are allowed for bookmarking, but they don’t count!!)
  • fill out this survey
  • most importantly, you have to ship these two dumbasses
W H A T  W E ' R E  L O O K I N G  F O R
  • multifandom blogs!! (you have to post like 30% teen wolf, but it doesn’t really matter)
  • super awesome bloggers
  • neat themes and well organised tags (basically, you have to tag at least the show and pairings)
  • if you know how to gif/make edits/write fics then that’s cool too!!
  • new friends!!
  • reblogs on your posts and selfies
  • you’ll get to cry over allydia headcanons and aus with your new friends
  • idk maybe there’ll be secret santas and fic exchanges and stuff
O N C E  Y O U R  A C C E P T E D ,  Y O U ' L L
  • be sent a message by me, so keep your ask open!!
  • i’ll add you to the group chat
  • you’ll have to send me an icon + small description for the network page
  • all the network members will follow you back
E X T R A  I N F O
  • i’ll be choosing 6 members to start with, but i might add more
  • this has to hit like 30 notes
  • members will be announced near the end of july
  • updates will be posted in the #allydiasnetwork tag
  • if you have any questions please message me!! :)

i’ll be deciding tomorrow!!

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it’s amazing how something so beautiful and life affirming can make you want to throw yourself off a cliff


My favourite John Waters quote is: “If you go to someone’s house and they don’t have books, don’t fuck them Daniel Radcliffe 

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  E L S A ! 

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first things first i’m a princess

Emma Watson at Paris Fashion Week 

The Female Gaze
Petra Collins


still not sure what exactly math is

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Since the start of 2014 I have:

Gotten a new piercing.
Dyed my hair.
Ended a relationship.
Started a new relationship.
Been on a long car journey. 
Passed an exam.
Cried on someone’s shoulder.
Had a massive fight with a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Received flowers.
Had a Valentine.
Written a letter using pen and paper.
Gone to see a therapist.
Been prescribed medication by a doctor.
Read a really good book.
Gone to the zoo.
Spent too much money on unnecessary things.
Traveled by train.
Cried over someone.
Spent a day out in the sun getting a tan.
Slammed a door out of frustration.
Had an anxiety attack.
Had a BBQ.
Gone to the fair.
Gone bowling.
Seen a film at the cinema in 3D.
Gone on a date.
Helped someone home after they’d had too much to drink.
Stayed up all night.
Talked on the phone for over 2 hours. 
Supported someone who’d received bad news.
Watched some kind of live sporting event. 
Read an entire book in one day.
Bought a DVD the day it was released.
Eaten McDonald’s more than four times in a single week.
Cried as a result of exam stress.
Met some incredible new people.
Fallen backwards off a chair. 
Broken my glasses.
Cried over someone in my past.
Spent hours aimlessly browsing the internet. 
Thrown up.
Cried over a film.
Gone out of my way to avoid an ex-significant other.
Fought with someone in public.
Been in a relationship for a year or longer.
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Leighton Meester: ft. Davida Williams - Dream (Fleetwood Mac’s cover) [x]